Pre-shampoo treatment, reduces dandruff and dry scalp!

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Scalp Renew is perfect for alleviating dandruff or dry skin, and helps prevent hair loss. It thoroughly cleanses the follicle of sebum and toxins which contribute to dandruff and hair loss. A health follicle can absorb nourishment and produce emollients for healthy hair and scalp.

Compounded from the essential oil of peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and sweet orange; each oil serves a specific function in helping health and soothe the scalp.

Prior to each shampoo, massage Scalp Renew into the scalp (leave it in as long as you like)…it will make your scalp tingle, your hair healthy and your dandruff disappear! This product must be rinsed out thoroughly. Shampoo after usage.


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