Micro Link Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Micro-Link/Keratin Tip Application

NO BRAID Application


This is a strand by strand method which combines strands of your natural hair with pre-tipped extension hair.

Micro-Link Extensions are installed without using heat or glue.  Micro-Links are installed by threading each I-Tip Extension hair and strands of the clients’ natural hair into a looping tool, through a looping bead, and then secured by clamping the bead to the clients’ hair.  ECS uses high quality copper beads with protective silicone lining which is very gentle on the client’s hair.  

The result are very natural because as it blends with the natural hair.

Application Time:  1.5 – 3 hours

Removal Time:  0.5 – 1.5 hours

Required Maintenance:  Every 6-8 weeks (Move Ups).

Lasts For:  Up to 6 Months before need Removal + Reinstallation with Move Ups every 6-8 weeks).

Suitable For:  Medium to Thick Hair

Warning:  If this method is worn for long periods of time without maintenance, they will begin slipping through the clients’ own hair or can become tangled & matted. 

Micro-Link Hair Extensions Service  

  • Clients must arrive with their hair shampooed, blown dry and free of any product
  • Micro Link/Keratin Tip Human Hair is not included. Purchase Eloquent Virgin Hair online.
  • Appointment time 2-4 hours.
  • All clients will receive a mini consultation before service.
  • All Micro Link/Micro Loop/ Shrinkies & Keratin Tip Extension Application Services are finished with a
  • Blended trim and flat iron Style or in the Extension hairs’ natural texture.
  • Maintenance Appointments recommended every 6 to 8 weeks

Deposit Required 

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure all Extension appointments.  Deposits are due immediately upon booking.  Appointments will not be held without a deposit. Pay Deposit Here

Cancellation Policy 

There is a 48 hours cancellation policy for all Hair Extension services or the deposit serves as the cancellation fee.

How much do micro link hair extensions cost?

Pricing starts at $300

Up to 150 Links (Application)  $300
Up to 200 Links (Application)  $350
Up to 250 Links (Application)  $400

Up to 150 Links (Tighten Up)  $150
Up to 200 Links (Tighten Up)  $175
Up to 250 Links (Tighten Up)  $200

Up to 150 Links (Removal)  $125
Up to 200 Links (Removal)  $150
Up to 250 Links (Removal)  $175

Up to 150 Links (Re-Tipping)  $100
Up to 200 Links (Re-Tipping)  $125
Up to 250 Links (Re-Tipping)  $150

Reused Hair 

Application  $100
Individuals  $3 per tip
Tighten up  $2 per tip
Removal  $2 per tip

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