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How do I make a hair appointment at Endless Creations Salon?
Where is Endless Creations Salon located?
Do you require a deposit when booking an appointment?
Does Endless Creations Salon offer keratin treatments?
Does Endless Creations Salon offer permanent Hair Straightening?
What is the best relaxer for my hair?
How do you cut curly, coily hair?
Can Endless Creations Salon revive my curls?
How can I stop hair breakage?

It's very easy to book a hair appointment at Endless Creations Salon. There are different ways to book your hair appointment, depending on if you are an Existing (7+ VISITS), New (0 - 6 VISITS), or a Welcome Back (6+ Months Last Since Visit)

Existing clients (7+ VISITS) can text us or use the online booking system

Returning clients can call and leave a message. The provider of our booking software charges a $.75 authorization fee. We have no control over this fee so if prefer to avoid it, please call, or text us.

Call: 480-269-7542 and leave a message
Text: 480-485-4413

New clients (0 - 6 VISITS) should use the appropriate Online Consultation and appointment request form which will ask your ideal date and time along with important questions about your hair, its condition, and any recent chemical services. This will take 5 minutes to complete, give or take, and helps us provide you with a better service, enables us to reply with a price quote and provide you with available dates and times.

New Clients will also notice that some services ask that you join one of our Waitlist. Don't worry, this doesn't mean there is a long wait for an appointment. It means you can be placed within a holding position and when a time opens that meets your preferences, we will then contact you to see if you would like to make an appointment. Because we have limited administrative staff, this helps us organize our new clients by service type. You can click for more details and view your place in line before adding your name.

You'll find all the details on our appointment page:

Endless Creations Salon is located in Chandler, AZ on the border of Chandler and Gilbert.  We recently moved from Gilbert to Chandler, but if you're familiar with the area, you know the two towns are in the same area.

Our full contact information can be found here:

A nominal deposit will be required at the time of booking in order to secure your appointment. With over 100 clients, Ms. CeCe’s schedule is TIGHT. Your security deposit shows that you value your salon reservation and helps to assure that you will show up for the appointment. When your appointment time is confirmed, our Client Service Coordinator will instruct you on how to submit your deposit along with the required amount, which will depend on the service.

Deposits can be easily paid online using a credit card, or with the Square Cash App.

For more info, view more details about security deposits.

Yes, we offer several types of keratin smoothing treatments including the original Brazilian Blowout.

  • Brazilian Blowout
  • STS Smoothing Sysmtem by Design Essentials
  • Keratin Complex Personalized Blowout
  • SilkOut Smoothing and Taming

Keratin Treatments are just one way to achieve smoother hair, less frizz or softer curls. Ask Ms Cece which is best for your hair type and the style you desire.

Learn more about our Keratin Treatments here.

There are several ways to straighten your hair with permanent results. We offer chemical relaxers, texturizers and Japanese Hair Straightening services, and each one is a little different. Which one is best for you and your hair type? Ask the expert at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler AZ.

We also offer non-chemical alternatives to smooth your hair with temporary results.  Ask about keratin treatments or silk press blowouts.

When it comes to hair relaxers, there is no one-size-fits-all. It depends on your hairtype, its condition and your desired result.  We offer several different brands of professional relaxers such as Mizani, Affrim, and Design Essentials.

Learn more about our relaxers and texturizers at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler, AZ.

Very carefully! Very carefully! My cutting technique for curly or highly textured hair is vastly different than how I cut straight hair. And if you have curly or coily hair, I know the importance of every inch of length. But even if you're trying to grow your hair, you still need regular trims to keep the ends healthy and to encourage new growth. As a hair stylist with experience with every hair type and ethnicity, I know how to work with your hair.

How to manage your curly hair at home?  Curly hair requires lots of moisture so it's essential to use a good conditioner and incorporate routine deep conditioning treatments. All those loops and coils make it hard for the scalp's natural oils to travel down the strands. When your curly hair is adequately moisturized, it will look and feel better.

With the right curly haircut, you'll love your curls again. Even if you're trying to grow your curly hair, you still need regular trims to keep the ends healthy and to encourage new growth.

As a hair stylist with experience with every hair type and ethnicity, I know how to work with your hair.

If your curls and coils have been neglected, Ms Cece can help spring them back to life. Sometimes all you need is the right haircut for curly or coily hair. Or you need to give your curls some direction with a soft curly perm or a texturizer. Or you just need a refresher on how to encourage your loops and waves to form with the right products and the right technique. Book a hair appointment with the hair texture expert. You won't be disappointed.

Somewhere in between all the heat tools and the latest hairstyles, you need to give your hair a break. Book a hair appointment with Ms Cece, the hair texture expert at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler AZ. She'll diagnose your hair condition and suggest a deep conditioning or steam treatment, talk about the right haircut for you, and give you some hair advice on now to reduce hair breakage.

Book an appointment with Endless Creations Salon in Chandler, AZ.