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Try a Silk Press Blowout for Chemical-Free Hair Smoothing at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler / Gilbert AZ

A Silk Press Blowout is a great natural alternative to a perm or relaxer.   It is an updated version of the traditional Press and Curl method.  Read our blog post on What is a Silk Press Blowout here. For the woman that does not want to use a chemical treatment to straighten their curly or wavy hair, a Silk Press Blowout  is recommended. The Silk Press Blowout is achieved with the use of Ceramic and/or Marcel irons.

In traditional Press and Curl services hair pomades, oils and heavy products were used and would often coat the hair and weigh it down and leave the hair with little body and no movement in the hair.  Through education and the understanding of natural hair textures, today’s professional hairstylist have tweaked the traditional Press and Curl Method and are now able to give today’s natural client the option to maintain chemical free hair with a Silk Press Blowout service.  Our Silk Press Blowout service includes: Shampoo, Steam Hydration w/Conditioner, Cut, Blow dry, Press and finishing style.

It gives hair the look and feel of relaxed hair with body and movement and allows the natural hair to remain natural and still be shiny, straight, bouncy, silky, and soft. 

Hydra Silk Press Blowout

Locking in Moisture is critical to the success of a Silk Press Blowout which is why we offer an upgrade to a Silk Press Blowout.  We offer a Hydra Silk Blowout Service which includes a 20-25-minute Moisturizing Steam Treatment with your Silk Press Blowout. Hair that is properly moisturized helps to prevent the hair from reverting to its natural texture.  Also, locking in moisture to natural hair textures help to prevent heat damage.  Hair that lacks moisture is more likely to experience breakage. Therefore, deep conditioning treatments and steam are the best defense for natural curly texture hair.

Benefits of a Silk Press Blowout at Endless Creations Hair Salon

Whether you choose a Silk Press blowout or a Hydra Silk Press Blowout, here is are some information to consider to ensure you achieve your desired look:

  • No chemicals
  • Moisture Balanced Hair
  • Gives the look and feel of relaxed hair
  • Conditioned hair to protect from heat damage.
  • Results last up to 2-3 weeks as long as hair remains dry
  • Hair returns to natural state once wet or washed

How much does a Silk Press Blowout cost?

Silk Press Blowout & Hydra Silk Press Blowout Pricing:

Express Silk Press Blowout Adult  $60.00
Silk Press Blowout w/Curls Adult $65.00
Silk Press Blowout w/Textured Curls $70.00
Hydra Silk Press Blowout $75.00
Teen Silk Press Blowout $55.00
Child Silk Press Blowout $45.00

What to Expect During a Silk Press Blowout


We start by giving you our detoxifying deep cleansing shampoo and moisturizing conditioning. Prior to achieving a successful Silk Press service a detox shampoo is used.  Natural hair needs to be deep cleansed in order to remove any product buildup, dirt, oil etc.


Conditioning is key.  We replenish the moisture balance in the hair  with a 10-15-minute moisturizing conditioning treatment


Prior to Blow-drying the hair we lock in the moisture with a leave in conditioner and a silk infused heat protectant.


Then we blow dry the hair smooth with a paddle or round brush section by section with a hand-held blow dryer and prepare it for your desired style.


After the Blowout we Silk Press the hair with either temperature controlled ceramic flat irons or Marcel irons. 

  • If straightening is desired, we Silk Press the hair straight from root to tip.
  • If curls are desired, we Silk Press the hair from root to tip then use a ceramic curling iron to heat the hair into the desired curl pattern.
  • If wand or textured curls are desired, we Silk Press the hair from root to tip, then use ceramic wand irons for an additional cost.


This is an additional $15 service.  In some cases the ends of the hair need to be trimmed to give the hair a more clean and polished look.

What to Expect During a Hydra Silk Press Blowout

We follow the same steps as our Silk Blowout service, however we add a deep penetrating moisturizing steam treatment to correct, hydrate, and strengthen and balance the natural curl pattern in the hair.

Because of the multiple processes, a Silk Press Blowout and a Hydra Silk Press Blowout  usually takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the length, density and texture of the clients’ hair.  Our Silk Press Blowout and Hydra Silk Blowout services last 2-3 weeks, depending on the lifestyle and proper home maintenance of the client.

Monthly steam hydration therapy for all natural/chemical-free hair clients is strongly encouraged and recommended!

*PLEASE NOTE: Hair that requires extra time due to length, texture, density, or condition may incur additional charges.

Silk Press Blowout with Hair Color

You can combine a hair color service with a Silk Press Blowout or Hydra Silk Press Blowout just like on our Endless Creations Salon client below:

Silk Press Blowout & Hydra Silk Press Blowout FAQs

Is a Silk Press Blowout or Hydra Silk Press Blowout better than a traditional Press and Curl?

Yes.  Our Silk Press Blowout & Hydra Silk Press Blowout services give the natural hair client volume, body and movement and utilizes less heat and product than the traditional Press and Curl.

Can a Silk Press Blowout or the Hydra Silk Press Blowout cause damage to the hair over time?

No. If done correctly, the hair will not be damaged. I will also say that hair has memory.  Once you continuously straighten the hair the natural curl pattern will loosen; this is not damaged hair.  The heat has loosened the natural curl pattern of the hair.

NOTE: To redefine the curl pattern I recommend to my clients to do a Detox, Steam Treatment and set the hair with the smallest curl rod to remind the hair that you want it to be curly.  Then refrain from straightening the hair as often. Choose to maybe to straighten the hair Quarterly.

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Reviews for Endless Creations Salon

Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Geveta McClendon
I am so happy to have found a stylist that knows her craft where i was learning so much about my hair whiie i was there! I received the hydrasilk silk press and my hair feels so smooth and soft!
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Margaret Phillips
My hair was Dry and flaky from the Arizona heat. Miss Cece has it soft and bouncy and flowing and absolutely beautiful once again.
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Brittany Harris
Ms. Cece is amazing! She is the first beautician I have found in the Phoenix area to manage my natural hair. I love her work, my hair always comes out beautifully! Not only does she offer good services, she is very personable, and professional.

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