Transform Your Hair with Beautiful Hair Extensions at Endless Creations Salon in Gilbert AZ

Hair Extensions and Weaves are not just for women of color or for women who want instant long hair!  Women - and men - are turning to hair extensions to add volume, conceal thinning hair or simply wear a protective style while their natural hair grows.  Ms Cece is the hair texture expert so she'll know exactly the right type of hair extension for you whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, an ethnic or mixed hair type or highly textured hair. 

Hair extensions come in several different varieties and generally vary by attachment method.  Some hair extensions offer strand by strand wefts of hair that are attached using adhesive, bonds or beads.  Other weft extensions are referred to as hand tied extensions, as they are sewn into the hair onto a track of micro beads.  Sew Ins or Weaves are a specific type of hair extension that are sewn into a braided, protective style, eliminating the need for any adhesive or clips. 

The Types of Hair Extensions We Offer

We offer strand by strand weft hair extensions, hand tied hair extensions,  as well as several different types of weaves and we'll help you determine which type is best for your hair type and style.

Weaves Add Extra Length & Volume All Over

The weaving technique is an incredibly versatile and gentle way to add length and volume to your hair. Once the natural hair is braided into a protective style, wefts of hair are sewn onto the braids or tracks. Weaves are a gentle application without any glue or adhesive and can be worn on natural or even relaxed hair.  All or our Weave Extension Services are finished with a Blended trim and flat iron style or leaving your natural texture.  All hair and closures are sold separately.

  • Partial Sew In Weave extensions are sewn-in with a net (optional) leaving a large portion of your natural hair exposed, any length extensions can be applied.
  • Full Sew In Weave with a Leave Out or Hair Out Option– You have the choice of leaving minimal hair out around the hairline and nape area. Your natural hair is exposed and any length extensions can be applied.
  • Full-Head Sew In Weave with a Closure – You have the choice of using a small pre-made closure, a lace or silk closure to create your realistic part. Your natural hair is not exposed, any length extensions can be applied.

Strand by Strand & Weft Hair Extensions Add Length and Volume Using Various Attachment Techniques

Hair Extensions can be applied all over or just where you need it.  We offer several types of strand by strand hair extensions and are happy to help you determine which ones are right for you.  It will depend on the style you desire, your budget and the amount of upkeep you are prepared to do.

At Endless Creations Salon in Gilbert AZ, we offer different types of hair extensions including:

  • Tape in or Skin Weft Hair Extensions
  • Microlink Keratin Tip Hair Extensions (i-tip)
  • Micro Ring Weft Extensions (sew in application)
  • European Hand Tied Weft Extensions
  • Bonded Weave application with liquid bonded glue

Hair extensions Removal Services in Durham NC

Hair extensions Removal It is just as important to have your hair extensions or weave removed by a professional, especially on highly textured or ethnic hair that is prone to breakage.  A trained stylist will be able to reduce the stress on the hair while removing the bonds and weaving that attach the extensions to your natural hair.  Removing your hair extensions or weave should not be attempted at home.

Hair Extensions Packages

Clients always ask "how much will my hair extensions cost?"  We've put together different hair extensions installation packages to give you a better idea of the cost involved.  The prices indicate a starting at price which covers the installation service, not the hair itself, except where indicated. The actual price will be determined by the amount of work involved.

Start with a Hair Extension Or Weave Consultation

Prior to having hair extensions installed, you must start with a consultation. Take the first step towards getting the best weave or hair extensions by consulting with an expert. A consultation is an extremely important part of the hair extensions process. It’s my opportunity to meet with the client hands-on to analyze the condition of the natural hair and scalp. It is also an opportunity to discuss styling details and to make sure the client is a good candidate for the hair extension method they are requesting.

We offer 2 Types of Consultations:

1. Remote hair extensions consultation:

You can submit an online consultation form here.  Please be honest with your answers as every question helps us determine what type of hair extensions are appropriate for you.  Rest assured, we never sell, rent, loan, or transfer any personal information to any unrelated third parties. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security.

Free of charge

2. In Person hair extensions consultation:

If you are new to hair extensions or have questions and concerns about which type of hair extensions is best suited for you, we highly recommend coming into the salon for a private, in person consultation.  We can assess if your hair is suitable for hair extensions, talk about the look you would like to achieve, and determine the application methods that will work best.  Feel free to bring along pictures for inspiration. We will thoroughly explain everything you need to know about hair extensions including the application, types of hair, hair safety, home care, maintenance, removal and reapplication.  If necessary, we will color match and texture match your hair.  You will receive a quote by email following your consultation.

$25 (30 Minutes)

For a Hair Extensions Consultation, call our Hotline 480-269-7542 or fill out the Online Consultation Form & we’ll get you rolling!


Please note: a deposit will be required when booking hair extensions and weave services. Upon booking your appointment, we'll confirm the required amount.  You can pay your deposit online.

Feedback from Ms. Cece's Weave and Hair Extensions Clients:

29 reviews with an average rating of 5.0
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Latoya Allen
Moved here 9year ago and Ms Cece Has been my stylist from Day 1. Loyal Happy Customer.
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Tamara Toms
Great job on my extensions! I have gotten so many compliments! Thank you so much!
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Tracy Rencher
Learned a lot more about varying degrees of extensions. Very helpful to know there's many different options to choose from. Appreciate the consultation.
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