Book a Hair Consultation with Ms Cece, the Hair Texture Expert in Gilbert AZ

If you've been searching for a professional hairstylist in Gilbert AZ who has expertise in cutting, coloring and styling YOUR unique hair type, look no more!  Super straight hair that won't hold a style?  Curly or coily hair that's hard to manage?  Mixed curl patterns and textures around your head making it difficult to style?  If you are struggling to find a stylist who understands the unique challenges of cutting and styling your hair, then book a consult with Ms Cece.

Meet hair stylist and salon owner Felecie Foxworth, affectionately known as "Ms. Cece."

Are you struggling to maintain your hair or find a style that truly suits you?  Ms. Cece has expertise with all hair types, whether super straight, highly textured or somewhere in between.  She literally has decades of hands on experience with the unique challenges and vulnerabilities of every type of hair.  How knows that how you cut and style your unique hair type will have a huge effect on how it behaves, how it grows and how it tolerates exposure to heat tools, product and other daily environmental stresses. 

Isn't it time you saw a hair stylist that knows in the ins and outs of every type of hair?

  • Poker straight hair that's hard to style
  • Fine, medium or coarse hair
  • Lots of curls, springy coils, zig-zag coils
  • Asian and African-Caribbean hair
  • Multi cultural hair

The 30 Minute Consultation that will change the future of you hair.

Ask Ms Cece how to have the best possible hair.  She will examine your hair and discuss your needs, your options and answer any questions you may have.  Discuss your ideas for next cut and style, hair color or texture treatment. 

$25 Consultation Fee Credited Towards Your Service. 

There is a $25 consultation fee, which is covers the first 30 minutes.  A $25 credit will be applied towards your future service and valid for 60 days.  Consultations that require more than 30 minutes will result in an additional $25 fee.  

To schedule a consultation, call 480-269-7542, text 480-485-4413...or we'll call you. 

Home or mobile number, which ever is best to reach you.
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