The Biggest Trends For Textured Hair in Chandler, AZ

Spring is the time to change up your look and step into the new season with style. As the days grow longer and the weather warms, giving your whole beauty routine a spring clean is a must – especially when it comes to your hair! The textured hair experts at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler AZ are here to help you find a new look that can be fashionable, eye-catching and easy to maintain.

Short Hairstyles & Pixie Cuts for Curly, Highly Textured Hair or Multi Textured Hair

From Hollywood to mainstream America, more and more women are embracing their natural curls and coils. Textured hair is ideal for a short hairstyle or chic pixie cut.  When you start with a cut that's designed for your hair's natural curl pattern, you'll spend less time styling in the morning! Just apply a lightweight, hydrating styling product and you're ready to go!

Hairstyles with Naturally Curly Bangs

Bangs might be a small change to your hairstyle, but they can make a serious impact on your overall look. Who says bangs won't work with natural and very curly hair?  Just the opposite, curly bangs and fringes of coils are stunning but they have to be done right. Speak with the textured hair experts at Endless Creations who will be able to advise which style of bangs would suit your face shape and hair texture.

The Pineapple Hairstyle

it's not just a way to protect your curly hair when you sleep.  Worn correctly, a beautiful pile of curls on top of your head is quite fashionable. This upstyle will keep your curls defined, protected and frizz-free while you go out and about. It's a great look at the gym but it protects your curls from sweat and becoming too frizzy during your workout.  Add a silk scarf or a pop of bold color on your lips and you've got an elegant evening look that's ready for anything.

Pastel Colors Look Beautiful on Highly Textured Hair

Pastel is a hair color trend that isn't going anywhere, with pink, purple and sea green colors being the most popular this year. If your winter color is deep red, give a pastel color a try for Spring.  Speak with your Endless Creations hair color expert to see if this look is right for you. Pastels require lifting your base color to very light and we care about the health and condition of your hair first and foremost.  

Book Your Spring Hairstyle Makeover at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chanler, AZ

If you would like a new hairstyle or a hair color transformation for Spring, get in touch with Ms Cece at the top hair salon for natural hair and textured hair, located in Chandler, AZ. Call us 480-269-7542 text us at 480-485-4413.

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