This service requires a deposit of $175 for adults, $150 for teens. If you haven't been to our salon in 7 months or more, you'll need to complete a Japanese Hair Straightening Consult Form prior to paying or booking your appointment.

If you're new to Endless Creations Salon, or if you're an existing client who has never had a Japanese Straightening Treatment

20% Off Japanese Hair Straightening

for a Limited Time

Regular Prices start at $275+ for short hair of normal density and will increase accordingly. Save 20% on the regular price for a limited time only.

To take advantage of this special offer, start by filling out the required consultation form. Once you submit the form, wait for a response from the front desk.  You can either pay for the service upfront, or make a deposit to secure this special pricing. Here's how:

Visit our Shopify Store, add the FIRST VISIT Japanese Hair Straightening to your cart, and enter code STRAIGHT20 at checkout to get 20% off the regular price. 

or you can pay just the deposit now with the balance due on the day of the service.

Offer Terms

20% off promo price is reserved for new clients, or for existing clients who who have never had a Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment before. 20% off promo price will be honored 30 days from date of purchase.

Learn more about our service and get a breakdown of pricing for full head treatment or just a retouch:

A Consultation is Required

A JHS (Japanese Hair Straightening) consultation must be completed to assess your hairs’ suitability for a Japanese Hair Straightening service. You have the following options for a consultation.

FREE Online Consultation

Complete this online consultation form. It's lengthy, but don't worry. You can save your progress if you can't complete it all at once. Please be completely honest and forthcoming with your answers.

In Person $45

If your prefer an in-salon consultation, there will be a $45 fee.  Please complete the online consultation form in preparation for your visit. During your In-person JHST consultation your stylist will answer your JHST questions, measure your hair length and density. NOTE:  This is NOT a JHST Hair Analysis appointment. Are you considering a JHST service? Has it been a long-time since your last JHST service? Are you looking for a JHST retouch? Are you looking for JHST restoration services? Want to ask questions about products hair to manage hair treated with a JHST.

In Person JHST Hair Analysis, $75

An In-Person JHST hair analysis is performed on your hair to ensure the JHST service is suitable for your hair type. The pre-screening is based on your responses in our JHST Online consultation form plus an In-person Hair Analysis appointment.
It is imperative that you fill out the JHST Online consultation form honestly.

At a JHST In-person Hair Analysis appointment we perform a Clarifying shampoo, Hair Length, Density, Elasticity, and Knot test throughout your hair to accurately assess both your eligibility and the correct formula to use for your specific hair type. Blow Drying and Styling is NOT included in this service.

Note: The JHST Hair Analysis fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The JHST Hair Analysis fee is NOT deducted from the total cost of the JHST service.  Following your JHST Hair Analysis appointment, we reply to you VIA EMAIL within 1-3 business days to inform you if your hair is suitable for a JHST service and you will receive a JHST quote. We will also provide you with a JHST deposit link and up to 3 available dates to book your JHST appointment.

Japanese Hair Straightening Service

The JHST service will take anywhere from 3 ½ - 6 hours to complete based on your hair type, length, density, and processing time. This includes hair preparation, JHST application and service processing time, JHST straight styling and after-care advice.

Japanese Hair Straightening MAINTENANCE

After 6-8 weeks we highly recommend that you come back for one of our JHST Treatment appointments. Choose from a JHST Hair Care Treatment service, a Milbon Repair Treatment, Milbon Moisture treatment, Milbon Anti-Frizz Treatment, Bond Repair Treatment, or a Split End Repair Treatment  

Japanese Hair Straightening RETOUCH

After 5 to 6 months a Retouch service will be required to straighten the new hair growth at the roots of the hair.
NOTE:  The price of a JHST Retouch service is slightly lower than a virgin application even though it takes the same amount of time as the initial JHST service. If you request a JHST Retouch service AFTER 8 months a new JHST Online consultation form must be submitted.

If you continue to grow out your hair OR decide to cut and style your hair a lot shorter, we will adjust the price of your JHST retouch. If you wait too long to have your roots retouched be mindful that pricing will change, and a Virgin service may be required.

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