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Do you accept walk-ins?
How do I make a hair appointment at Endless Creations Salon?
What is your availability?
Where is Endless Creations Salon located?
Do you require a deposit when booking an appointment?
Can I book an appointment online?
What if I need to cancel my appointment?
How can I pay for my service?
What is the best way to reach you?
Do you offer consultations?
How much do you charge? How long will it take?
Does Endless Creations Salon offer keratin treatments?
Does Endless Creations Salon offer permanent Hair Straightening?
What is the best relaxer for my hair?
Do you service children?
How do you cut curly, coily hair?
Can Endless Creations Salon revive my curls?
How can I stop hair breakage?
What is GinaCurl?
How much does a GinaCurl cost?
How should I wear my hair to my GinaCurl appointment?
How is GinaCurl different from a Jheri Curl or Wave Nouveau?
How long does a GinaCurl service take?
What happens if I need to reschedule my GinaCurl appointment after submitting my deposit?
How much do GinaCurl retouches cost?
Are there any reasons I wouldn’t be able to get the GinaCurl?
What are your recommendations for clients with thin or fine hair?
Can I get the GinaCurl if my hair is color treated?
Can I get the GinaCurl if I have highlights with color?
Will the GinaCurl fade my color-treated hair?
How long do I need to wait before coloring the hair after a GinaCurl?
Can I get the GinaCurl if I’m pregnant?
Can I get the GinaCurl if I have Alopecia?
What is Gina's Straight Variation?
How can I style my hair after Gina's Straight Variation?
Will Gina's Straight Variation help with my comb out routine?
Will my hair shrink after styling with Gina's Straight Variation?
Can I get a GinaCurl after a Straight Variation?
Is Gina's Straight Variation a Formaldehyde based perm?
How is Gina's Straight Variation different from a Brazilian Blowout?
When do I need to come back for a retouch of my Straight Variation?

Services are by appointment only. Walk ins and "pop ups' will not be accepted.

It is very rare that we can accept a same day appointment. Should an emergency occur and you need a last-minute appointment, please TEXT our Client service Coordinator at 480-485-4413 to see if a same day is available. If not, email me directly at to inquire and we will let you know via email if we can accommodate you.

It's very easy to book a hair appointment at Endless Creations Salon. There are different ways to book your hair appointment, depending on if you are an Existing (7+ VISITS), New (0 - 6 VISITS), or a Welcome Back (6+ Months Last Since Visit)

Existing clients (7+ VISITS) can text us or use the online booking system

Returning clients can call and leave a message. The provider of our booking software charges a $.75 authorization fee. We have no control over this fee so if prefer to avoid it, please call, or text us.

Call: 480-269-7542 and leave a message
Text: 480-485-4413

New clients (0 - 6 VISITS) should use the appropriate Online Consultation and appointment request form which will ask your ideal date and time along with important questions about your hair, its condition, and any recent chemical services. This will take 5 minutes to complete, give or take, and helps us provide you with a better service, enables us to reply with a price quote and provide you with available dates and times.

New Clients will also notice that some services ask that you join one of our Waitlist. Don't worry, this doesn't mean there is a long wait for an appointment. It means you can be placed within a holding position and when a time opens that meets your preferences, we will then contact you to see if you would like to make an appointment. Because we have limited administrative staff, this helps us organize our new clients by service type. You can click for more details and view your place in line before adding your name.

You'll find all the details on our appointment page:

Select services are available Tuesday and Thursday – Saturday (9am- 630pm). We highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.

Arrive 5- 10 minutes prior to your appointment to avoid interfering with another client's scheduled appointment is greatly appreciated.

Any client arriving 15 minutes or more past their appointment time is subject to a Late Cancellation fee and your deposit will be forfeited.

Ms. CeCe’s OFF days are Sunday and Mondays. Our business phone goes on DO NOT DISTURB nightly at 7pm and is turned OFF from Friday (5pm) to Tuesday (3pm). We do not conduct ANY Administrative salon business on these days.

All text messages and calls will be returned between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

Endless Creations Salon is located in Chandler, AZ on the border of Chandler and Gilbert.  We recently moved from Gilbert to Chandler, but if you're familiar with the area, you know the two towns are in the same area.

Our full contact information can be found here:

With over 100 clients, Ms. CeCe’s schedule is TIGHT. All appointments require a “Hold My Spot Deposit” or a “Specialty Service Deposit. Your security deposit shows that you value your salon reservation and helps to assure that you will show up for the appointment. Deposits can be easily paid online using a credit card, or with the Square Cash App.

All Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable! No exceptions! If you miss or cancel your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.

Please review our salon polices here.

Existing clients with (7+ VISITS) can use our online booking system

Returning clients can call and leave a message. The provider of our booking software charges a $.75 authorization fee. We have no control over this fee so if prefer to avoid it, please call, or text us. Call: 480-269-7542 and leave a message. Text: 480-485-4413

New clients (0 - 6 VISITS) should use the appropriate Online Consultation Form and appointment request form.

Download our booking app. Once you have the app, search "Endless Creations Salon" and create a profile to keep all of your appointments (past & future) in one place!

Should you have to cancel your appointment, it MUST be cancelled ONLINE or Text Message at 4180-485-4413 within policy guidelines!

Please review our salon polices here.

Accepted Payment Methods

We have a contactless chip/tap card reader that will be used for checkout. You will also have the option to put a card on file and charge the card on file in lieu of cash.

All Major Credit/ debit Cards Accepted.


For all Tech Savvy clients, we accept the following. Please leave a description in the notes of what the transaction is for.
• QRCODE: Available at the Salon
• VENMO: Endless Creations Salon @mscecefoxx
• ZELLE: Email address is

I am blessed to be Busy and Booked. My Client Service Coordinator (Jay) handles all of my bookings. It is best to reach him at the following:

• For Salon Services – TEXT 480-485-4413 (T-SAT 8-4PM)
• Salon Services- (Email)
• Salon Before & After- (Instagram) @ endlesscreationssalon
• Google Page:
• Facebook Page:
• Yelp Business Page -

Ms. CeCe Stylist info:

• Email address:
• Cell Phone: 480-462-3443 (BOOKED & BUSY...24 - 72 HR RESPONSE TIME)
• Voice Mail: 480-269-7542 - Client Service Coordinator Responds
• Salon Text Only Line: 480-485-4413 [Tue - Sat | 8a-4p] - Client Service Coordinator Responds

Yes, consultations are in important part of the custom service we provide and will be required for certain chemical services referenced below.

Online Consultations

Consultations for the following services can be conducted using our online forms Online Consultation forms. Online consultations are free of charge.*

  • keratin smoothing treatments
  • relaxer treatments
  • Japanese straightening
  • permanent waves, soft curl perms
  • GinaCurl

* A $35 fee applies for this online consultation, $75 for in person consultations

In Person Consultations $35

In some cases, an in person consultation is required prior to booking a service. In person consultations are a paid service.  The $35 consultation fee is NOT applied towards a future service. All in person consultations are $35 with the exception of GinaCurl, which is $75.

These services require an in-person consultation:

  • First time hair color services, unless it is a semi, demi or color gloss service

Please review our salon polices here.

How much will my salon service cost?

Please complete the appropriate Online Consultation Form in order to give you an accurate quote.

For a general idea, you can view our prices here

How long will I be in the salon?
• Shampoo services for Relaxed hair range from 1- ½ to 2 hours
• Shampoo services for Natural hair range from 2 – 2 ½ hours
• Add an additional 30-40 minutes when treatments are performed
• Color services range from 3-6 hours depending on the type of color service being done.
• Relaxers, Texturizers services range from 2 – 2 ½ hours
• Keratin Treatment services range from 2 ½ - 4 hours
• Japanese Hair Straightening services range from 4- 6 hours
• Gina Curl services range from 6 – 8 hours
• Weave Extension services range from 2 to 4 hours
• Curly Cuts services range from 1 – 1½ hours
• Color services range from 3-6 hours depending on the type of color service being done.

Yes, we offer several types of keratin smoothing treatments including the original Brazilian Blowout.

  • Brazilian Blowout
  • STS Smoothing Sysmtem by Design Essentials
  • Keratin Complex Personalized Blowout
  • SilkOut Smoothing and Taming

Keratin Treatments are just one way to achieve smoother hair, less frizz or softer curls. Ask Ms Cece which is best for your hair type and the style you desire.

Learn more about our Keratin Treatments here.

There are several ways to straighten your hair with permanent results. We offer chemical relaxers, texturizers and Japanese Hair Straightening services, and each one is a little different. Which one is best for you and your hair type? Ask the expert at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler AZ.

We also offer non-chemical alternatives to smooth your hair with temporary results.  Ask about keratin treatments or silk press blowouts.

When it comes to hair relaxers, there is no one-size-fits-all. It depends on your hairtype, its condition and your desired result.  We offer several different brands of professional relaxers such as Mizani, Affrim, and Design Essentials.

Learn more about our relaxers and texturizers at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler, AZ.

Yes, children that are able to sit for the duration of of the service are welcome to be serviced. If the child is unable to sit for the duration of the service. The service will be canceled and the full amount of the time reserved is still due.

Very carefully! Very carefully! My cutting technique for curly or highly textured hair is vastly different than how I cut straight hair. And if you have curly or coily hair, I know the importance of every inch of length. But even if you're trying to grow your hair, you still need regular trims to keep the ends healthy and to encourage new growth. As a hair stylist with experience with every hair type and ethnicity, I know how to work with your hair.

How to manage your curly hair at home?  Curly hair requires lots of moisture so it's essential to use a good conditioner and incorporate routine deep conditioning treatments. All those loops and coils make it hard for the scalp's natural oils to travel down the strands. When your curly hair is adequately moisturized, it will look and feel better.

With the right curly haircut, you'll love your curls again. Even if you're trying to grow your curly hair, you still need regular trims to keep the ends healthy and to encourage new growth.

As a hair stylist with experience with every hair type and ethnicity, I know how to work with your hair.

If your curls and coils have been neglected, Ms Cece can help spring them back to life. Sometimes all you need is the right haircut for curly or coily hair. Or you need to give your curls some direction with a soft curly perm or a texturizer. Or you just need a refresher on how to encourage your loops and waves to form with the right products and the right technique. Book a hair appointment with the hair texture expert. You won't be disappointed.

Starting in 2022, Ms Cece is one of only 12 stylists in the country to perform a GinaCurl Curl Reformer service. This is a highly customized texture service for curly hair.

Somewhere in between all the heat tools and the latest hairstyles, you need to give your hair a break. Book a hair appointment with Ms Cece, the hair texture expert at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler AZ. She'll diagnose your hair condition and suggest a deep conditioning or steam treatment, talk about the right haircut for you, and give you some hair advice on now to reduce hair breakage.

Book an appointment with Endless Creations Salon in Chandler, AZ.

GinaCurl is a curl reforming service now available at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler AZ

GinaCurl restructures the hair on a molecular level to allow your curls to be reshaped and redirected. The GinaCurl process will reduce frizz and volume, reduce shrinkage, and leave you with hair that is softer, smoother, shinier, and more manageable. GinaCurl works for all curl types whether you have tightly coiled, kink, curly or loose curls. It even lets you wash and go.

Ms Cece is the ONLY stylist on the West Coast certified to offer GinaCurl and is one of only 12 certified stylists in the country!

Learn more about GinaCurl.

The cost of the service varies by the length, texture, condition of your hair as well as the amount of product and time it will take. The full GinaCurl process can take 6-8 hours. Pricing applies to both GinaCurl Curl Reformer and the Straight Variation.

EXTRA-SHORT HAIR (Chin + Shorter) Starting at $550+
SHORT HAIR (Between Chin + Shoulder) Starting at $750+
MEDIUM HAIR (Below Shoulder-to-Shoulder Blade) Starting at $950+
LONG HAIR (Below Shoulder Blade to Bra strap) Starting at $1,250+
EXTRA LONG HAIR (Below Bra strap + Longer) Starting at $1,500+

Note:  Length is based on natural hair when stretched out (elongated). Pricing will be based on actual length-density and product usage at the time of service.

On the day of your GinaCurl appointment, ensure your hair is as tangle and snarl-free as possible. Not coming with stretched-out hair will result in a higher quote. We recommend washing, conditioning, detangling, applying a light product, twisting, loosely braiding, or blow drying and wrapping your hair.

What makes the GinaCurl different from the rest, is that we can take our time to apply our curl reformer (The Thio Chemical). It can take up to1 hour to process, so we have time to address every porosity level down the hair shaft using multiple chemical strengths if necessary.

No irritation. Curl reformer is never applied to the rods so there is no chance of compromising the ends. There is no burning or skin irritation.

During a retouch, we can protect previously treated hair with protection cream and apply the curl reformer to the regrowth only. Because the curl reformer takes so long to process, there’s no risk of previously treated hair absorbing the curl reformer during the rinsing.

The GinaCurl process takes approximately 6-8 hours depending on the client's hair length, texture and curl type, and product usage.  Please be mindful of this when scheduling.

We allow (1) courtesy date modification and will transfer your deposit to another date within 30 days of the initial reserved date.   Appointment modifications must be made 7 days prior to your initial appointment.

The retouch is often more intricate and delicate and can require more time to perform the retouch. We will charge the exact same price for your GinaCurl retouch as the initial GinaCurl service, regardless of the amount of new growth, time and product required to perform your Retouch appointment.

Your Retouch price will remain the same as long as you have your retouch appointment before your first anniversary and there is NO chemical change to your hair.

If you desire a Retouch appointment after your first anniversary a New online consultation form must be submitted. If by your second retouch, you continue to grow out your hair or you decide to cut and style your hair a lot shorter, we will adjust the price of your retouch.

During your retouch, the stylist will only address the new growth, unless she feels the ends need to be refreshed. The previously treated hair will be protected by using a protection cream on that hair so the solution will not be saturated into the previously treated hair.

You are not a candidate for the GinaCurl if you have high lift color, highlights, bleach, relaxer, or a texturizer. Some smoothing treatments and amino acid treatments may be another reason for not being able to get a successful GinaCurl from roots to ends. We will determine that in your online consultation.

Our recommendation, if you have fine or thin hair, is to keep your hair short so it will look full. The longer you go with fine and thin hair the more the hair will look stringy and see-through.

Servicing the GinaCurl on color-treated hair is trickier than most people think. This is because the ends are very porous and the root area is much healthier, so customizing is required. We recommend that only the roots be colored with permanent color and if the ends need to be refreshed, use only a rinse. Remember peroxide color lifts and semi-permanent color deposits. If you want to stay or go dark, there is no need to use a peroxide color. To consistently receive fabulous Gina Curls, you must understand the effects of peroxide color with your GinaCurl. Hydrogen peroxide will break some of the internal disulfide bonds found in the cortex of the hair. In a typical hair color process, approximately 10 % of existing disulfide bonds are destroyed. If the hair is damaged because of an over-processed color, the hair will be weak, easily broken, and gummy or stretchy when wet. This means the client is not a good candidate for GinaCurl. You will need a few protein treatments to mend the cortex layer.

We do not recommend highlights with the GinaCurl. There is no way to isolate the hair that is colored from virgin hair. If we do the GinaCurl over highlighted hair we will have to use a weaker formula to protect the colored hair, so the virgin hair will not take a successful curl.

Yes, artificial hair color may fade with this process. Virgin hair may also lift one shade for some clients.

Wait fourteen days for all types of color, including demi, semi and rinse colors. You can risk the chance of the hair reverting if the hair is colored too soon. We also recommend using a lower volume of peroxide to color your GinaCurl and using 1-2 shades lighter than before when choosing an all over color; because hair colors that are lower in peroxide percentage deposit do not lift lighter.

Yes, getting a GinaCurl doesn’t appear to be a problem for the health or your baby’s well-being. There are no conclusive studies about the safety during pregnancy of the solution used for the GinaCurl. However, because of the pregnancy hormone changes in the first trimester, we don’t recommend getting the Gina Curl during your first trimester. We also don’t recommend getting the GinaCurl for the first three months of your child’s life, because hormones can cause some client’s hair to be very resistant to chemicals. We caution clients to wait until after nursing. Another thing that most pregnant women are not aware of is, normally the hair sheds quite a bit after birth and sometimes after nursing. It’s assumed that the air does not shed as much during the pregnancy, therefore getting a little thicker. Afterwards, the hair returns to its normal thickness, shedding off all the hair that hasn’t been shed in 9+ months.

Yes, there is no problem servicing the GinaCurl on someone who has Alopecia.

Straight Variation uses a curl reforming product to straighten your hair while improving the hair’s feel, softness and shine and making it more manageable to style your hair with ease.

You can blow-dry and flat iron your hair if you would like a polish and styled look. What would have taken you 1 hour to do will now take 20 minutes to do. We recommend using a flat iron at a low temperature. You can also wear your hair in protective styles.

Straight variation will help to keep your hair healthy by allowing you to comb through your hair with ease. Less stress on your hair and less product needed will help retain health and length.

No. Once you style your hair it will not shrink back up. It will last longer and feel so soft.

It may be possible to get a GinaCurl after a Straight Variation as long as you don’t have heat damage.

No. The Straight Variation is a thioglycolate-based perm, and it is permanent, unlike a Keratin treatment.

The Straight Variation permanently texturizers the hair by physically changing the structure of the hair.

Brazilian Blow Dry treatments temporarily coat the hair with keratin to smooth the hair, but the effects wash out after 3 to 6 months. So, you must visit a salon often to re-coat the hair with this method. Brazilian Blow Dry treatments may also contain hazardous chemicals that release highly carcinogenic gas. For more information on the danger of chemicals, please check OSHA Safety and Regulations.



We recommend getting a Straight Variation every 5 to 6 months.