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  • Shampoo/Flat Iron/Style (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Service includes the hair being shampooed and then finished with thermal tools to relax the curl pattern. (AKA Press n’ Curl) * This is a temporary straightening service ** Service is for non-chemically treated ethnic hair.

  • Flexi Rod/Perm Rod Set (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Service includes the use of flexi rods, and perm rods to provide volume and style. Add a conditioning treatment to maximize the style for a long-lasting curly set.

  • Two Strand Flat Twist: Half/Headband (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Hair is braided half of scalp or headband width from ear to ear.

  • Two Strand Flat Twist Set (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Entire Head: Two strand twist anchored to the scalp as cornrows.

  • Comb Twist (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    After first shampooing the hair and ensuring it is properly moisturized with a customized conditioning or hot oil treatment, a holding agent is applied to the hair. Using a comb, small corkscrew curls are formed. Coils can be dried and unwound to give the hair a spiral filler appearance. * The overall look depends on length and density of hair. Add $15.00 for a Twist Out * Dryer time 1 – 1.5 hours depending on thickness of clients’ hair.

  • Dry Two Strand Twists(Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Beautiful, small two strand twists are established on properly blow-dried hair. A healthy foundation is first set with an invigorating shampoo and customized deep conditioning. This style lasts longer than your typical double-strand twists (between 3 to 4 weeks), allows styling flexibility, and you enjoy more of your hair’s length. * This style is perfect for the active individual. ** Due to different hairlines and hair textures, outcome may vary.

  • Two Strand Twist Set(Ethnic Textured Hair)


    Hand twisted method using two strands. After setting a healthy foundation for the hair with a relaxing shampoo and customized deep conditioning, the hair is treated with a holding agent, butter, pomade, or cream is applied to the hair in accordance with your hair type and individual needs, beautiful double-strand twists are then established in an agreed upon and complimentary pattern. ** Please Note: Long Hair Pricing – Below Shoulder (5), Mid Back (10), Near Waist (15).

  • Two Strand Twist Design Style(Ethnic Textured Hair)


  • Two Strand Twist Combo Style (Ethnic Textured Hair)


    This style takes twists set to another level by adding an accent of cornrows or flat twist. This gives a soft, textured look with more volume than the standard two strand twist set alone Note: Long Hair Pricing – Below Shoulder (5), Mid Back (10), Near Waist (15).

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