Benefits of a Steam Treatment Especially in the Winter

7 Reasons to add a Steam Treatment to Your Winter Hair RoutineAh, Winter time. Don’t forget to do a steam treatment! The season of dry hair, flaky scalp, and frizzy ends. No big deal, right? You’ll just use the same old relaxed hair and natural hair techniques that you always do. Right? Not quite. Follow this advice from Ms Cece, natural hair expert and mater of all hair textures at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler AZ.

During the winter, you might not feel excited about trying something completely new in your hair routine, but the truth is this: your routine needs to shift a little during the winter. If you’re wondering why your hair is so dry, then the answer could be your summer natural hair routine is the same as your winter natural hair routine.

The Benefits of a Steam Treatment

Natural and relaxed hair need an extra boost of moisture in those colder months to keep them supple, shiny, and hydrated. What’s better for infusing moisture into thirsty hair strands during winter? A traditional, trusted steam treatment.

Steaming your hair is like a spa treatment for your mane. Natural and relaxed hair tends to break off easily without the proper care, which can turn into a total nightmare during the winter. Fortunately, steam treatments from a traditional or handheld steamer can be exactly what you need to give your precious locks the upper hand on harsh weather. Still not convinced?

7 More Reasons to Add a Steam Treatment to Your Beauty Routine

Open your hair cuticles.

The most important and most rewarding benefit of all is opening your hair’s cuticle layers is what gives steam treatments their remarkable reputation. Not only can you infuse moisture directly into your hair with raised cuticles, but all the proteins, oils and other nutrients in your deep conditioners and masks can be more easily absorbed into the hair shaft to nourish from within. Whether natural or relaxed, you might even have to wonder if you’re using the same products, simply because of how much more effectively they’ll seem to work – all thanks to your steam treatment.

Enhance your curl pattern.

Moisturized hair is less likely to frizz, which is what gives natural hair that fuzzy, shapeless, damaged look. Instead, when steamed, your natural hair can form into individual curls, coils, or kinks, which lets your curl pattern shine through! Unlike blow dryers, steam treatments won’t change or alter your curl pattern in any way – rather, it boosts and improves tremendously. Your puffs, buns, twist-outs, and braid-outs will look healthier and shinier with your curl definition coming through, and you’ll certainly wish that you had discovered steam treatments sooner!

Increase moisture retention.

Moisture retention simply refers to your hair’s ability to hold on to the water that you give it. If, at wintertime, your hair gets dry an hour or two after you moisturize it, then you’ve got low moisture retention. Regular steam treatments train your hair to hold onto moisture more efficiently. As you’re infusing moisture directly into the hair and not just placing it on the surface of the hair strands, you’ll soon notice that your hair goes days before losing its juicy, healthy shine. The longer your natural/relaxed hair stays hydrated, the better it’ll be able to withstand those cold seasons!

Improve manageability.

Regularly moisturized hair does what it’s told and is much more cooperative – it’s a fact! Combing, detangling, styling, washing … you name it. You’ll notice that your styles last longer, your tangles melt apart and your hair’s much easier to control.

Stretching your hair becomes almost effortless, which helps you to retain length, and even in your hair’s natural, shrunken state, there’s no matting or tangling. Who wants to spend hours on stubborn hair during winter? Worry-free hair means less time styling and a happier, stress-free you!

Fortify the hair strand.

Yep, that’s right. Although steam treatments don’t literally build your hair back up like a protein treatment would, they do improve elasticity. Elasticity with the hair strand is much like elasticity with a rubber band. Optimal elasticity means that even when you stretch the rubber band, it goes back into its original shape when released.

Because you’re always stretching your natural or relaxed hair, whether in combing, styling, brushing or just detangling, it’s super important that your hair’s able to keep up with you and snap right back into shape every time.

Refresh without dampening

Imagine having to go to sleep with a wet head of hair during the winter – a no-no, unless you’re a fan of head colds!

“But I need to moisturize my hair before bed! It’s so dry!” No problem. Do a stream treatment.

Steaming your hair does exactly what you need it to do, but without wetting your hair! A light session is all you need to get the job done. So, although your strands are still dry to the touch, they’ll be hydrated on the inside and rejuvenated on the outside.

Actively promote growth.

Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp, and your steamer is the perfect tool to ensure that you’ve got both. Hydrating not just your strands but your entire head, you can fight dry, flaky scalp and boost your hair growth to keep your length retention from becoming stagnant during the winter.

Schedule a Professional Steam Treatment

Ready to try a professional steam treatment and learn how to revitalize your hair in the winter and promote optimal growth and retention?  Book online at Endless Creations Salon or schedule a one-on-one consultation with Ms. Cece. 

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