What is a Silk Press Blowout?

Silk Press Blowout: when natural hair is straightened with heat.

What is a Silk Press Blowout?If you wear your hair curly or in weaves, and want to modify your look a Silk Press Blowout might be the option for you. It’s a pleasure to hear my clients rave about their hair transformation, especially my natural beauties. Typically speaking, the Silk Press Blowout is for someone who wants to maintain their natural hair but prefers a relaxed straight look, and the Silk Press Blowout is just that. Clients boast about their sleek and silky look! Thinking about it makes me smile due to my client’s reactions. Once I have completed the Silk Press Blowout, every client does the exact same thing, take their fingers and run it from their scalp to the ends of their hair. And, let’s not forget, the hair is not chemically treated thus promoting healthy hair. I absolutely love this style because you have the option to flat iron your hair straight or add some bounce!

If you choose a Silk Press Blowout, here is additional information to ensure you achieve your desired look:

  • Conditioning is key, it protects the natural hair from heat damage.
  • Services should last up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Please keep in mind that sweating, exercise, and any wetness to the hair will revert your hair to its natural state.

ECS’ prices for an Adult Press is $60, a Youth Press is $50, and for a Child Press is $45.

If this sounds like an option for you feel free to book online at https://endlesscreationssalon.com/appointments/

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