Why We Charge Extra for Long and Thick Hair at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler AZ

Long luscious hair? Extra dense, thick hair? Good for you! We’re not hair shaming you, don’t feel bad about being blessed with the kind of hair that makes others jealous. This is about the cost of performing the salon services needed to keep your hair looking great.

We want to be transparent about why we apply a surcharge for extra length and density. For select salon services such as hair color, keratin treatments, perms or silk press blowouts, you may be quoted a surcharge for your visit.

Cost of Additional Product

Hair length, density, and thickness have a direct impact on how much product is required for your service. And because these length, density and thickness can vary dramatically from client to client, we prefer to have an equitable system for charging our clients. Clients should only pay for the products they’re using. When we need to use additional bowls of color or keratin, the client will be charged for the additional product.

Cost of Additional Time

Hair length, density, and thickness have a major impact on time. If you have extra long hair, you know how long it takes to wash and comb out your hair! Factor in the time to blow dry all that gorgeous hair- your stylist needs to plan a lot of extra time for your appointment.

Some services need a considerable amount of extra time for clients with long hair. Take a perm for example. For a client with short hair of normal density, we need about 2-3 hours to do a perm. But a perm on a client with long, thick hair can take up to 2 hours more.

What is Extra Long Hair ?

We have come up with a fair way of measuring length, which is based on the hair when washed and stretched.

length chart

What is Extra Dense and thick?

When hair is deemed to be above average density or thickness, at the discretion of the stylist, there will be a nominal surcharge to cover the additional amount of time needed for the service. Here is a general guideline of how density alone impacts service time.

  • Thick hair can require 10-15 min additional service time
  • Very Thick hair can require 20 – 30 min additional service time
  • Extremely Thick hair can require 30-45 min addition service time

Thank You for Understanding

When you book an appointment at Endless Creations Salon, we are 100% dedicated to you and your hair. We aren’t rushing you out the door to squeeze in another client. When your head is in our hands, we’re not worried about how much product we need to get the results. But to be fair, we need to be charge accordingly so that the costs of our time and our supplies are adequately covered.

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