The Design Essentials STS Express Treatment

The Design Essentials STS Express Treatment

Your Hair Will Love the Design Essentials STS Express Treatment. Here’s Why!
Are you looking for ways to keep your hair smooth, silky, and shiny? If you’re struggling with frizzy, multi-textured hair or you’re making the amazing transition from chemically treated to natural hair, the new and improved Design Essentials® STS Express System is just what your hair needs. This one-of-a-kind, amazing hair care treatment maximizes your hair’s manageability and helps your hair hold onto long-lasting style. Not only that, it strengthens hair and helps repair existing hair damage.

You’ll enjoy up to twelve weeks of intensely smooth, incredibly shiny hair that does more than look healthy, it is healthy. We’re proud to offer you the proven benefits and amazing results of the Design Essentials® STS Express System. It’s a fast, easy smoothing and thermal therapy system. Packed with nourishing amino-acid, the STS Express Smoothing System is as easy as 1-2-3 and has the following healthy hair benefits:

• Long lasting smoothness
• Powerful frizz protection
• Improved manageability
• Proven safe and effective
• Formaldehyde free
• Works on all hair textures

Check Out the video to see the system in action!

Here’s How the System Works:
Step One – Cleanse
This step gently cleanses and purifies the hair and thoroughly removes impurities from the scalp. This critical first step also prepares the hair to receive and absorb the benefits of the STS treatment. We’ll start by carefully shampooing with the STS shampoo. Then, we towel dry hair and detangle with a wide toothed home being careful to remove all snags and snarls. The best way to detangle your hair is to start from the bottom and work carefully up to the scalp. Once your hair is completely detangled, we part it into four sections and secure each section with a clip.

Step Two – Treat
The treatment step is where hair receives the amino acid based therapy mouse that temporarily smooths and straightens the hair. It’s available in gentle and max formulations, so we’ll thoughtfully choose the one that best fits your hair type. We start this step by covering half the hair with a plastic cap to maintain moisture while we treat the first half. We strategically part small sections of the hair and apply the mouse treatment smoothing it down the hair shaft as we go. We take our time and repeat this process until your entire head has been treated.

Step Three – Seal & Style
The third and final step removes treatment residue, seals the hair’s cuticles, and creates a beneficial moisture balance. In this stage, we’ll coat your hair with the STS sealing spray. There’s no further rinsing or shampooing involved. The STS spray is designed to stay on your hair for long-lasting results. We carefully blow dry your hair from root to tip until completely dry, then we flat iron small sections of your hair. This results in incredibly smooth hair that shines and bounces with health and vitality.

The Design Essentials STS Express Treatment

Things you need to know

  • This is not a Relaxer or Brazilian Blowout so your hair will revert to its natural state when wet with a looser curl pattern
  • The Design Essentials® STS Express System is safe to use on children, so if you are having difficulty with manageability this will help.
  • The system is an In-Salon Only Treatment, so only a stylist who has received training from Design Essentials can do this treatment.
  • Ensure that your stylist checks for protein sensitivity as the whole system is essentially a protein treatment on steroids
  • Please follow the directions from your stylist on after care so that you reap the full benefits of this awesome treatment
  • The treatment does not completely fade away after 12 weeks you will still have manageability for at least another 6 weeks but the effects of the heat styling are not as sleek and you run the risk of heat damage.
  • The more often you use the treatment the more your curl pattern becomes looser and the longer the results last
  • This treatment can be used by those transitioning to their natural hair as it effectively keeps you textures similar and strengthens your hair

Once the treatment is complete, we style your hair to your specific preferences and you’re left with manageable, incredibly beautiful hair for up to twelve weeks. Are you ready to experience the magic of the Design Essentials® STS Express System? Book your appointment today. Your hair will thank you!


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