Chemical Relaxer and Texturizers for Ethnic and Multi Texture Hair in Gilbert AZ

Chemical Relaxer Treatments and Texturizers for Ethnic and Multi Texture Hair in Gilbert AZAt Endless Creations, we understand the day to day styling needs of our valued clients with curly and  multi-textured hair.  If you are searching for an expert Hair Stylist in Arizona who can texturize or relax your hair, then call Ms Cece.

Benefits of Relaxer Treatments  

Relaxers help to permanently straighten your hair by applying a chemical to your hair to ‘relax’ the natural curl pattern to whatever degree of straightness desired. If you have curly hair and desire straighter, sleeker hair while removing or loosening the curl, relaxers or texturizer are definitely a solid option.

What to Consider when using Relaxer Treatments  

  • What is your curl type?
  • Length of hair?
  • What is the condition of your natural curly hair?
  • Is your natural curly or multi-textured hair suitable for a relaxer?
  • What is your desired hairstyle?
  • What is your home care routine like?

Whether you’re looking to straighten your natural curly hair, smooth, loosen the natural curl pattern, reduce frizz or make your hair more manageable.  A professional relaxer treatment at Endless Creations will deliver exceptional results every time.  We are excellent at creating smooth styles.

Relaxers & Texturizers

We use Professional Relaxers that provide the latest Relaxer technology:

  • Mizani – the ethnic relaxer brand from L’oreal is specifically formulated to straighten extremely curly, coiled or tightly coiled hair.
  • Affrim – Affirm conditioning Relaxer system consists of state of the art products that conditions hair before, during and after relaxing.  A very popular relaxer from the Avlon family.
  • Design Essentials – Conditioning Relaxers are infused with Hydra Strength vitamin & protein complex to strengthen and condition the hair during the relaxer process.
  • Nairobi Professional – features Natural humectants such as Nairo-Plex proteins, fatty amino acids and natural emollient oils that replenish the moisture and strength level.

Relaxers & Texturizers

What to Expect when getting a Relaxer Treatment

  • Expect your hair to be conditioned at each stage of the relaxing process, leaving your hair healthy and beautiful.
  • Expect to spend 2-3 hours for the Relaxer service.
  • Expect a Relaxer Retouch every 8 to 10 weeks after the initial application
  • Expect a strongly recommended maintenance conditioning service.
  • Expect to keep heat styling to a minimum on relaxed tresses.

It is very important for relaxed hair to be properly maintained and treated with extra care to maintain healthy hair. After the hair is relaxed, it is more susceptible to drying out and breakage, so it is important to follow Home Maintenance instructions for your relaxed hair.

In addition to your relaxer treatment at Endless Creations, we recommend our range of treatments to help condition, moisture and protect the hair and scalp.  Our popular menu of Treatments and Hair Cocktails help target specific problems for our clients’ hair.  Click here for more information on our treatment services.

Hair Texturizer Services at Endless Creations Salon in Gilbert, Arizona

Chemical Relaxer Treatments and Texturizers for Ethnic and Multi Texture Hair in Gilbert AZA Chemical Texturizer loosens the natural texture of tightly coiled hair textures.  Because the desired curl pattern or softness is more visual then technical during the process, a proper texturizer starts with a consultation to determine the client’s needs. Texturizing the hair is a loose term and can mean many things to various clients.

Benefits of a Texturizer

Comb-able Texturizer: For very tight curl that is prone to breaking when it is comb. Texturizing is used to release the tight curl slightly to make it easier to comb.

Wearable Texturizer: For tight curly hair that grows out and up. Texturizing is used to release the tight curl allowing it to drop, reduce frizz and have a more uniform curl, with the help of styling products.

Style-able Texturizer: For any curl pattern tightly coiled or loose. The curl is considerably loosened to make styling it straight easier. Hair can also be air dried of a curly/wavy look. Good option for clients that style their hair straight and would like it to remain healthy.

Softening Texturizer: For Course Hair (curly or straight) to soften strong textures making it easier to style.

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Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Schophine Miles-Nash
My experience was quite pleasant. I left feeling and looking great!!! Thank you!!!
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Cynthia Stoxstell
Ms. Cece always does a spectacular job! You can expect a beautiful look and great tips on how to take care of your crowning glory. Thanks Ms. Cece, you never disappoint your clients. I will be your customer for life!!
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Tara Hornbeck
Oh my goodness! Cece, I love my hair! I moved out here from Chicago about 1.5 years ago and I finally built up the courage to trust my hair to a stylist! Boy am I glad I did! I felt so comfortable in your home and I loved the attention and care you gave to my hair!
Salon Review Gilbert AZ
Sabrina Kearney
Miss Cee Cee was very friendly and gave me some great tips for keeping my hair healthy. I will definitely be visiting her again.
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