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Longing to Wear Your Natural Curls Again?

Are you thinking about transitioning from hair that’s been chemically relaxed (and permanently straightened) to your natural, textured hair?  How will you blend in your regrowth and your relaxed hair?  How much should you let your hair grow out first?  There’s a lot to consider.  Talk to Ms Cece.  She has a lot of experience with the Big Chop and designing the right cut and hairstyle to flatter your unique hair texture and transition you to your new look.

What is The Big Chop?

When you’ve permanently straightened your hair with a chemical relaxer, you have a few options.  You can continue your sleek style by routine relaxer touch-ups.  You can soften your curl pattern with keratin smoothing treatments, but this will also require regular maintenance.  For those women who are ready to give their hair a break from all chemical treatments and want to bring back their natural hair texture, there’s the Big Chop Haircut

For many women, this means going a lot shorter than the style they’ve been wearing. Many women avoid the Big Chop because they feel they won’t look as feminine, but the rise in celebs such as Lupita Nyong’o rocking a short natural style are reminding us that women with short hair can look fierce, feminine and fabulous! The textured hair specialists at Endless Creations Hair Salon in Chandler, AZ, explain more about this dramatic ‘do.

If you aren’t sure what exactly a “big chop” is, it is cutting off damaged or over-processed hair. The cut usually results in very short, natural hair which many women find empowering. It can be a dramatic cut and is often a preferred alternative to transitioning hair gradually, which can be frustrating. 

What Are The Main Benefits of The Big Chop?

One Hair Texture

Going for the Big Chop makes getting used to your hair texture so much more comfortable. Big chop hair is manageable and simple. If you decide to transition would have to learn how to manage two different hair types, possibly three if you count the scab hair.

The scab hair is the hair that starts to grow right after you stop getting relaxers. This hair is very fragile and is prone to breakage. You won’t necessarily avoid the scab hair when you go for the big chop, but it is easier to manipulate than if you have many different hair types to style. 

Better Hair Product Results

Another benefit of short, natural hair is that it is easier to find the products your hair loves. It can be challenging to see what works best for your hair while transitioning, finding products that cater to different hair textures is not easy. This is why many women choose the big chop over transitioning. 

Reduced Styling Time 

Short, natural hair is much lower maintenance than many other hair types. Styling time and hair care time is reduced, giving you extra snooze time in the morning or more time to do the things that make you happy! Depending on how defined you’d like your shorter style to be, it could take as little as 10 minutes to style!

Increased Hair Growth

Many women think that cutting all your hair off and starting fresh allows your hair to grow much faster than if you were in transitions. Whilst there is no definite scientific evidence to show that your hair will grow fast after a big chop, it is possible that healthier hair will give the appearance of thicker, fast growing hair

When you determine that you want to transition, your hair is more prone to split ends and breakage. When you choose the big chop, you get rid of all the damaged hair altogether, making room for healthy new hair to grow in. 

Classic Wash and Go Hairstyle After The Big Chop

To get this super easy look, you will need to wash and condition your hair. After this, you should detangle your hair thoroughly with a high quality leave-in conditioner. Style with cream and go!

Twist Out or Finger Coils On Short Natural Hair

This style gives you a chance to experiment with a different curl pattern. Wash and condition your hair, then play around with finger coils and find the look that works best for you. 

We would suggest that your hair be at least 2 inches to achieve a really good finger coil look. For a good twist out you would need at least 3 inches to get a good grip.

Hair Braids and Weaves After The Big Chop 

If you are not feeling the short hair idea yet and want to get some length sooner rather than later, there is always the option of getting a weave or braids. Your natural hair will stay healthy as there is little manipulation needed to rock this style. 

Book a Big Chop Appointment at Endless Creations Salon in Chandler, AZ.  

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