Hair Extensions FAQ

Why do people wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions are used to enhance the length and fullness of your hair. Hair extensions are also great way to create volume and for filling out fine, flat and limp hair – and simply to give ‘life’ to the hair.  Some clients even have hair extensions applied to create non-permanent highlights or bold streaks of color without having to use harmful chemical dyes. Hair extensions are also an excellent way to disguise hair damage, hair breakage and minor hair loss conditions, such as alopecia areata, traction alopecia and thinning hair, and can also be applied to extend or thicken small areas.

Can anyone wear hair extensions?

Our hair extensions are suitable for most people. However, if you have severely damaged hair, then hair extensions may not be the most suitable option for you. Regular trims and a course of reconstructing treatments may be advised until the condition of your hair improves.

The importance of getting the right type of hair extensions

A common problems that a Hairstylists encounters is when a client comes in with the wrong type of extensions for their specific hair needs. For the best results come in for a consultation before purchasing your hair extensions, or have a stylist order your extensions from our supplier(s). During your consultation our stylists will recommend the best Hair extension Method for your hair type.

Start with a hair extensions consultation.

At Endless Creations Salon in Gilbert, AZ, you will also be given a personal hair extensions consultation to advise you on the best technique for your hair texture and desired look. Please arrive to the salon with your hair shampooed and blow-dried or we will be more than happy to perform these services for an additional fee. When you come in for your consultation we will consider the condition, texture and length of your hair. We will also discuss your “hair goals” and work with the you to find the best extensions and give you the look and feel that you want while maintaining the health of your natural hair.

How long do the hair extensions take to apply?

The amount of time to apply the hair extensions will differ per technique. On average, clients should anticipate to block out 2-4 hours in their day for Hair Extension services. Please keep in mind that adding additional services such as a detailed cut, curls, extra hair will also add additional time to your appointment. On average it takes anywhere from 2-5 hours for a Full Head of Hair Extensions, 2-4 hours for a Half Head, and 1-2 hours for a Partial Head. Applying professional hair extensions should not be rushed if it is to be done correctly. The application is a very detailed process.

What is the difference between single, double, & triple tracking?

SINGLE TRACKING: is the traditional method for applying tracks – one track per row.
DOUBLE TRACKING: is a method for applying two wefts per row.
TRIPLE TRACKING: is a method for applying three wefts per row.

Do you cut the hair extensions after they have been applied?

Yes – once the hair extensions have been applied, they are cut, styled and carefully blended with your natural hair so that they appear natural and completely undetectable. A licensed stylist will create the cut of the clients choice including, layers, feathers, shaping around the face, Chinese bangs, swoop bangs, or a bob cut.

Why are nets used and what is the benefit?

Nets are used on the Braided Sew In Weave method. Nets are used for clients with thinning hair to help create application space where the natural hair is thin. Nets also help to protect the client’s natural hair.

Do you Braid Tightly?

NO. I braid with firm enough tension to create a firm base, but not enough to pull the hair from its root.

What braid pattern do you use?

I use multiple braid patterns. Our customized braid patterns are determined by the clients’ hair length, density, and desired style. Our braided base are as flat as possible.

Are you experienced with Virgin Hair?

Yes. We are experienced with installing and maintaining all textures of virgin hair.

Do you sew through the wefts?

No we do not sew through the wefts of Virgin Hair as this can cause shedding. We take every precaution to help you preserve your Virgin wefts so that you may reuse them as many times as possible.

Will the extensions be too heavy for my own hair underneath?

We are trained to balance the weight of your natural hair and the extensions. By taking the proper portion of your hair and adding extensions of equal weight, your hair extensions will look completely natural.

My hair is thinning, what kind of extensions do you recommend?

We recommend clients with thinning hair receive a consultation prior to being serviced, in order to determine the best option for their hair condition.

What types of closures do you offer?

We offer Small and Large Pre-made Closures, Lace Front Closures, Lace Top Closures, and Silk Base Lace Closures. Closures are a separate cost.

Are your hair extensions suitable for all Hair Textures such as European and African American Hair Textured hair?

Yes, we supply Hair Extensions for all textures of Hair.

After my extensions are applied, can I come back to get it styled?

Yes, we offer a Weave Shampoo Style service and/or an Extension Shampoo Style service, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and basic style for hair extensions.

How do I maintain my weave?

See the maintenance portion of our website for detailed instructions.

What if I do not like my hair extensions?

In the rare occasion that a client is unhappy with their hair, the client must notify the salon staff BEFORE leaving. The client then has the option of having the issue corrected or removed completely. If a client would like to have their extensions removed, the client will be charged an extensions removal fee.

What type of hair does ECS order?

At ECS we have Salon Professional Vendors that supply the highest quality of hair extensions to ensure that they will blend in and look most natural with your own hair. We use 100% Human Remy Hair and 100% Virgin Cuticle Remy Hair that comes in various textures.

Do you sell hair on-site?

No, we do however sale hair online on our Shopify Store.

What types of hair do you provide?

We only use the finest quality, hand-picked and unprocessed Virgin Remy, Virgin Russian, Colored Russian and European double drawn natural human hair extensions. Our Extensions Hair types range from Wefted Human Hair, I- tip Hair, Flat Tip Hair, Tape Extension Hair, Skin Weft Hair, Micro-Ring Weft Hair, and Clip in Extension Hair. Please shop our Online Store for all Human Hair types we offer.

What is double drawn and single drawn hair?

Double drawn hair means that each bundle of hair contains only hairs of the same length, and all the shorter hairs have been removed. For example, a bundle of 16 inch double drawn hair would contain only hairs which are 16 inches in length. This means that once the extensions have been applied the hair will be as thick and full right the way from root to tip.

Single drawn hair only has the very shortest hairs removed, but still contains hairs of different lengths in each bundle. A bundle of 16 inch single drawn hair would contain hairs of 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch hair. Therefore, single drawn hair tends to taper and appear straggly towards the ends of the hair.

What is cuticle correct hair?

Cuticle correct hair, also referred to as ‘cuticle aligned’, ‘root to point correct’ or ‘remi/Remy’ hair refers to human hair that has its cuticle intact and each strand of hair is aligned in the same direction from root to tip. When applying real hair extensions it is vital that the hair is applied in the direction that it was naturally grown. If the hair is all mixed up or applied upside-down, the cuticle scales will catch on each other and cause the hair to tangle constantly. Consequently, correct alignment is essential when applying human hair extensions.

Can you reuse the hair?

Yes. Due to the premium quality of our hair, it can be reused for multiple applications, which lowers the cost for subsequent reapplications, since you do not need to keep paying for new hair. Some people prefer to have new hair each time, but this simply comes down to personal preference.

Are real human hair extensions better than synthetic hair extensions?

Real human hair extensions are the best type of hair extensions because they look and feel natural, and can also be treated very much like your own hair.

Synthetic hair generally looks fake, feels unnatural, and cannot be treated and styled in the same way as human hair, since it will not react in the same way. Essentially, synthetic hair is plastic and will melt under high temperatures, and therefore hairdryers and straightening irons should not be used.

However in terms of quality, the common misconception that most people make is that all human hair extensions are the same.  However, human hair extensions are available in a range of grades or qualities. The quality of the extension hair plays a large part in determining whether or not the extensions will look real, and how long they will last and is therefore of great importance.

How can you detect poor quality human hair?

There are a number of ways to determine whether hair is low quality:

  • The feel – it feels unnaturally silky (due to the silicon it has been coated in), similar to the texture of doll’s hair.
  • The look – the hair tapers towards the tips. This is single drawn hair containing strands of different lengths, making the hair appear straggly at the ends. The hair also has an unnatural shine – it doesn’t reflect light like normal, unprocessed hair does.
  • The packaging – the hair is sold in ‘manufactured’ branded packaging.
  • The smell – the hair has a synthetic, plastic-like smell – it smells ‘manufactured’.
  • The label – i.e. hair that is labeled as ‘European Style’ or ‘Euro Quality’ etc.
  • The attachment – the hair is attached on to a poorly made machine weft.
  • The price – cheap hair is cheap for a reason!

Is it possible to provide my own hair?

Yes, customers may (BYOH – Bring your Own Hair). However, we are not responsible for longevity and maintenance of BYOH patrons.

Will extensions damage my hair?

When extensions are applied properly, they normally do not cause damage on your natural hair. However, this does not mean that all hair textures are ideal for hair extensions, therefore we recommend a consultation. It is also equally important to properly take care of your natural hair in between extension applications. Be sure to treat your hair with conditioning treatments and regular trims on your natural hair to promote healthy hair growth.

Which Hair Extension Method is the least damaging?

Hair extensions in their nature are not damaging. When application is done by an experienced stylist the risk of damaging your hair is not present at all.

Will my scalp be able to breathe while wearing hair extensions?

Yes. Most of our Hair Extension Methods are attached approximately 1 cm away from the scalp, creating a hairstyle that is free-flowing and this allows air to circulate the scalp so that your skin can breathe naturally.

Please note: with the braided Sew In Weave Methods the hair is braided and the wefts are sewn on top of the braids, so access to the scalp is limited depending on which braided method is used.

Will my hair own hair continue growing naturally?

Yes. Each hair extension is applied approximately 1cm away from the scalp rather than being attached directly to the root. This allows the hair extensions to lie completely flat to the head with equal weight on every strand of hair, which ensures that your hair will continue to grow without any disruption.

What would happen if hair extensions are applied too close to the root/scalp?

Applying hair extensions too close to the scalp would cause them to stick out rather than lie flat to the head. Initially, they would feel very uncomfortable, and as you hair grows, a ‘waterfall effect’ or ‘loop’ would be created causing uneven tension, and subsequently weakening of the natural hair.

Will my new hair feel strange, uncomfortable or heavy?

If you have never had hair extensions before, initially they may feel a little strange but you will be surprised how quickly you will get used to them. Through the course of wearing your hair extensions they should feel extremely comfortable, so much so that you should barely feel aware of them.

What products will I need to care for my extensions?

During your consultation we will go through the tools and products recommended for maintaining your extensions such as a proper brush that is gentle on the bonds, links, etc. while thoroughly detangling hair, sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners and a deep conditioning treatment.

How much care and maintenance is involved?

Hair extensions aren’t a breeze to take care of, but with the right products and reasonably small amount of commitment your extensions will continue to look and feel fabulous.

Extensions are wonderful and fun and completely awesome, but they are something you have to work into your lifestyle. Whether you are willing to set aside a small amount of time everyday to maintain their fabulousness or not is one of the largest deciding factors regarding whether hair extensions are right for you.

How long do the hair extensions last?

Most hair extension methods can be worn for up to 2-3 months, provided that the home care guidelines have been followed correctly. After this period they will need to be reapplied.

Why do I have to have my extensions “readjusted?”

It is important to have your hair extensions readjusted every 2-3 months (depending on rate of hair growth) to prevent hair from matting, dreading or even tearing out. This can also cause breakage and compromise the integrity of your hair.

We will discuss a follow up appointment for readjustment before you Hair Extension appointment ends.

What are more factors to consider in having my hair extensions reapplied after 3 months?

hair’s natural life cycle it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day as part of this natural process. Shed hair normally comes out in your brush or in the shower, but when wearing hair extensions the shed hair will remain trapped within the hair extension bond, and over time it will start to build up at the roots. This can cause matting at the root area if the hair extensions are worn for too long. Also, as your natural hair continues to shed, the hair extensions will be secured by fewer strands of your real hair, producing an imbalance of weight and subsequently causing excessive strain on the natural hair if the extensions are kept in longer than 3 months. Therefore, if you leave it too long before having your extensions reapplied, you run the risk of damaging your own hair.

Additionally, from a more aesthetic point of view, since hair extensions grow with your own hair, after 3 months the Hair Extensions will have moved down significantly, and can become visible and may also start to get caught during brushing and styling.

What happens at the reapplication appointment?

When you come to have your hair extension replaced, initially the hair extensions need to be removed. A Shampoo, Condition, and Removal, and reapplication are all separate services and not included in all reapplication methods.

Why does it appear like my hair is coming out when my hair extensions are removed?

When wearing hair extensions, your hair will shed in exactly the same way as it does when you’re not wearing them. It is normal to shed up 100 hairs per day. The only difference is that because your hair is held together with the extensions, the shed hair that would normally come out in your brush or in the shower will remain trapped within the extension seal – i.e. it will shed from your scalp but not from the extension. Over time this hair will start build up at the root area.

When the extensions are removed, the shed hair is combed out and it appears as though a lot of hair is coming out all at once. Based on shedding 50 hairs per day, 4500 hairs will have shed naturally from your scalp, after wearing extensions for 3 months. This may sound like a lot, but your hair is constantly replacing itself and on average we have 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on our head. There is no need to be concerned that your hair is falling out during the removal process, as this is simply the naturally shed hair being released.

Can I remove the hair extensions myself?

Although it is possible to remove your hair extensions yourself, we strongly recommend that you return to the salon for this service to ensure that they are removed safely without causing any damage to your own hair. If you wish to reuse the hair extensions, they need to be taken out very carefully in order to keep all the hair aligned in the same direction.

Should I give my hair a rest between hair extension applications?

Our hair extensions are extremely safe and will not damage your natural hair providing that they are cared for correctly. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable to wear our hair extensions without a break between applications. Most people prefer to have their hair extensions removed and reapplied on the same day.

We do highly recommend Protein Treatments while wearing Hair Extensions (on your leave out hair) and during a rest to keep your natural hair strengthened. This is a Healthy Hair recommendation whether you wear Hair Extensions or not.

Appointments & Pricing

A consultation is always required before applying hair extensions to discuss your personal requirements and to assess your hair’s suitability for our extension methods.

We can usually book you an appointment quite quickly for the consultation, and normally we require 1-2 weeks’ notice for the application appointment. During busy periods, there may be a longer waiting list.

Can I have a consultation and have hair extensions applied on the same day?

Unfortunately not. After your consultation, we order your hair, and this usually takes 2-3 business days and based on appointment availability.

If you Bring your own hair (BYOH) you will be given a Mini-Consultation prior to installing your Hair Extensions.

How much will my hair extensions cost?

The pricing for Hair Extensions will depend on the level of service required, which is determined by the type and length of the hair extensions, and the condition of your natural hair.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

  • An initial deposit is required to secure your installation appointment. This can be paid during your consultation, or online at Make a Payment.
  • A reapplication deposit is required upon booking an appointment to have your hair extensions re-installed
  • All deposits are non-refundable. Please see our Pay Deposit for more details

Hair Extension Pricing

Pricing depends on what needs to be done, how much hair is needed, method of attachment, etc.  Hair Extensions can be custom designed to your specifications.  These are factors that can alter pricing.  It’s very difficult to determine price without having an in-depth consultation.  This is why we offer  Weave/Hair Extension Consultations with no obligation.

If you are a first time customer, sign up to receive a $75 gift certificate off any of our Hair Extension Methods.

Booking a Weave/Hair Extension Appointment

If you would like to book an appointment for Weave/Hair Extensions please call us at 480-269-7542 to book an in-person consultation or fill out an Online Consultation Form.  We will assess your suitability for Weave/Hair Extensions and reply back to you within 1-2 business days.  If you wish to check availability and book an installation appointment PAY YOUR DEPOSIT (first) then, CLICK HERE.

Deposit and Payment

An Initial deposit is required to secure your appointment. The remaining fees are payable upon arrival to your installation appointment. We accept cash and credit card payments.

Reapplication Deposit

A reapplication deposit is required to have your extensions reapplied.  The cost of the deposit will be deducted off the total cost of your appointment. The remaining fees are payable upon arrival to your reapplication appointment.  We accept cash and credit card payments.

Reusing Hair

Due to the high quality of our hair it may be reused for multiple reapplications.    It is not always possible to reuse all Human Hair due to the quality of the Hair Extensions. Clients may Bring Your Own Hair (BYOH).

Weave Extensions & Hair Extensions Regular Appointment Slots

  • *NOTE:Appointment slots fill up quickly with existing clients. Please schedule appointments 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure a good date/time.
  • *NOTE:For convenience you may schedule appointments online in real-time. Please note the system will list only the service(s), dates, and times that are available.


  • AM Service Start Times:9AM, 10AM, or 11 AM
  • PM Service Start Times:1PM, 2PM, 3PM or 4PM


  • AM Service Start Times:  8 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM
  • PM Service Start Times:  1PM, 2PM


There is a $45 surcharge for Sunday/Monday Appointments that are scheduled outside Regular Work Hours.

*NOTE:We do offer some scheduled Sunday/Monday appointments with no service chargeClick here for current scheduled Sunday/Monday Appointments or call/text us at 480-269-7542 for availability.


  • There is a $55 surcharge for Premium Appointment Hours that are scheduled outside of normal business hours.

Can I just book my appointment without a consultation…I do not feel I need one?

Yes, installation appointments can be booked without a consultation. However, the client must Bring Your Own Hair (BYOH), we assure you will receive thorough professional Hair Extension Installation service.

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