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At Endless Creations, we know that beautiful hair is healthy hair. Whether you have oily, dry, thin, or coarse hair, we have a treatment that will leave your tresses lovelier than ever. In addition, we believe that great hairstyles start with healthy and hydrated hair. We offer a variety of treatments to nourish and revitalize hair and scalps. Perfect for oily, dry, brittle, coarse, fine, or limp hair, our treatments provide manageability, brilliance, and strength. Below you will find a complete list of our hair and scalp treatment options:

Hydrate Me

The mask revitalizes and hydrates hair, and with regular use can restore the health and manageability of hair. Choose from either the Intense Hydrating Mask, which is particularly effective for dry, thick and coarse hair, or the Weightless Hydrating Mask for finer hair textures. Includes a standard finish style, or upgrade your finish for ultimate pampering.

Moroccan Oil Hydrate Mask Treatment | $65
Mizani Moisturfusion Treatment | $65

Mizani Reconstructor Treatment | $65
Mizani Custom Blend Treatment
| $65
Mizani Scalp Tonic Treatment | $55

Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask Treatment | $75



Steam Hydration Therapy

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Steam Hydration has been around for many years. The steamer may be used as a deep conditioning treatments, color processing, opening the pores and much more.

The steam opens the cuticle layer of your hair strand and allows the conditioner to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, which in return leaves your hair moisturized. Versus just putting conditioner on the hair and letting it sit on top of the hair shaft. The steam helps to open the cuticle layer thus allowing the conditioner to penetrate deep. Once your hair is trained with the steam hydration (which normally takes 5 treatments to train the hair) you will notice that your style will last longer.

Our hydrating steamer hair treatment offers the ultimate in moisturizing for your hair.  This treatment is head and shoulders above a traditional hooded dryer.  Our hydrating steamer opens up the hair cuticle to allow the maximum hydrating and moisturizing experience for your hair.

Steam hydration therapy is the deep conditioning process for those with hair challenges such as color treated, dry, brittle, over processed hair and scalp ailments. Steam therapy is a 15-30 minute process for achieving and maintaining healthy hair.

  • Detoxifying Steam Therapy – rids all impurities and product build up
  • Essential Oils Steam Therapy – smoothes brittle fly away hair
  • Hydrating Steam Treatment – replenishes the moisture content
  • Strengthening Steam Therapy – adds protein to mend bonds


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